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January 2015

Work fun – rapidly build an app that blends the accessibility of Social Media with the power of Watson

Yep – check this out.

In this Live Google Hangout – the MQ Light team show you how to put together an application quickly, that use MQ Light, NodeRED and Watson, to process requests for information from Twitter and analyze and respond to them using the power of Watson.

It’s quick and easy, so why not give it a try.

Grab MQ Light  here  –

and follow along with Matt and the team here


Fun at work – IBM Interconnect

Hey folks – coming up on 3rd Feb is an opportunity to see some of the awesome people I work with.

Now, we have a conference in Las Vegas called IBM Interconnect, which is great fun with lots of awesome technologies being showcased. However before that, just to whet your appetite, we are having a live Google Hangout on Feb 3rd. On the Hangout me and one of my colleagues @mqmatt will be talking you through some of the highlights for his Integration track.


Watch the trailer here…


And be sure to watch the Hangout here –

Feb 3rd at 11:30 EST / 4:30pm UK time see you then!


Ezekiel for the win

BJJ thoughts…

Adventures in BJJ


Still pooped after warm up and instruction – so need some focus on my stamina…


I managed to secure side control and effect an ezekiel choke when rolling – hoorah! Progress!

Tried to effect a cross collar choke from guard too, but didn’t stage it correctly and the collar grip wasn’t deep enough. Of course my rolling buddy spotted my ploy immediately and postured up, breaking the grip completely. Still though, finally getting the point where I am attempting offensive technique and not just defensive,

Also worth a note, added some blended banana in my protein shake, and took a few gulps during training and that seemed to give me a quick burst of energy. Will try that again for sure!

Also interesting, I spotted that I moved into kesa gatame during rolling without even thinking about it. I guess now that my body is beginning to get…

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Prep for BJJ

Adventures in BJJ

Back to class tomorrow after the Christmas and NY break. Looking forward to it – just need to find my gi 🙂

In terms of prep’ I began exploring some staples that I could call upon, in terms of submissions, from side control,  mount, guard, in guard and half guard.

Think i’ve got some to try…

From side control, there is a nice little side Ezekiel choke, which is non obvious due to the fact that the setup looks like a pretty normal organic movement. Plus you grab your own gi sleeve (which you have more control of) so it should allow for an easier and sneakier application.

Here’s an example…

I’m going to try the Ezekiel choke again for mount and being in guard. I totally get that ideally you should look to pass the guard before applying submissions – but I’m going to try this as a method…

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Adventures in BJJ

A little bit stronger and a little bit fitter.

The highlight for me this session was the rolling. Much improvement in the way I felt and i how i rolled. Managed to hold my own within the guard and avoid (until the last moment) being reversed. Even managed to secure side control and maintain it a couple of times during the sparring.

Discovered sneaky new submission from side control (my fave dominant position) that reckon I can pull off as a regular ‘go to’ staple. That I think gives me the basis for a submission ‘game’ that I can use to build a strategy on.

I need to have one of these that I can use from guard. My guard game is non existent. My first thoughts here will be finding a staple submission and a staple reversal that I can pull from guard. At the moment I dont feel…

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