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February 2015

Awesome Saturday BJJ

Adventures in BJJ

Over the moon with the BJJ progress.

Long session today 2hrs and 20 mins and felt strong & competitive through the entire lesson. I think the cardio is finally building up to a decent level now.

Also noticing that my fellow BJJ students are starting to roll with me a little differently too. Not letting me into full guard and then looking to reverse, but moving to get a dominant position immediately.

Assuming the cardio remains, the next goal is going to be improving my agility.

Also think I’ve found a ‘go to’ guard pass. Not sure what its called, but if you can pin the opponents hand and then move incrementally around their guard – they cant move to follow and you end up in side control.

So today is a good day for BJJ :0)

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Insight into IBM – Meet the colleagues : Leif Davidsen talks Messaging

Hey folks – there is a great chance to chat to one of my awesome colleagues – Leif Davidsen who is a Senior Product Manager in Messaging.  If you want to understand what messaging is and why its so important, tune in to our live google hangout here on February 10th 11:30am EST or 4:30pm UK time.

See our trailer here…

Insight into IBM – Matt and I talk about something called InterConnect

Check out this Live Broadcast over Google + on ” What to expect from InterConnect” with these two fine men of IBM development…


Matt talks us through the highlights of InterConnect, particularly the Integration track, and on the day it was really well received with lots of engagement on Twitter.

See the full InterConnect stylings of John and Matt below…

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