Hey folks,

I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new Cognitive project that we in the IBM Hursley Innovation Centre are working on with Imperial College. Our mission is to send a probe over 20 miles above the Earth, and use Bluemix, IBM Messaging, Watson and Watson IoT to parse the unstructured data from images taken from the edge of space, as well as performing tone analysis on tweets sent to the probe.

This is a Proof of Concept to determine how we might use this technology to create intelligent drones that can be used in the event of an emergency to identify people in distress along with any hazardous surrounding elements.

So lets get started…

First off, here is how you can interact with the probe (currently on the ground)

Tweeting @IBMICLSentinel with the hashtag

#getmap – to see where the probe currently is on google maps

#getdata – to receive data from the probe (altitude, temperature, pressure etc)

#getgallery – to receive pics from the probe

#tospace – to send your tweet into spaaaace… (so be sure to put a nice message please)

#gethelp – to get a list of hashtags that you can use…see below

ScreenHunter_771 Jun. 07 15.54

So, for example – to get back data from the probe you would tweet

@IBMICLSentinel can i #getdata please?

and you would have your probe data returned to your Twitter feed

OK – so lets hear from the Imperial team, as they give a rundown of their project…


Hope you enjoy it!