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March 2015

A fascinating upcoming event April 1st on the impact of artificial intelligence on business #analyticsforall

On April 1st there is a fascinating event  on IBM Watson artificial intelligence and analytics taking place at the Royal Institution, London, at 3pm and also streamed Live

Hear how Watson Analytics overcomes yet another common obstacle to mainstream adoption of business analytics: the sourcing of external data — starting with Twitter for social data — directly from within a fully-accessible cloud analytics service.

Hear from market leaders, including our Twitter partner, as well as IBM subject matter experts on Watson Analytics and Verse.

We are delighted to welcome David Rowan, UK editor of WIRED magazine, who will discuss what artificial intelligence will mean for the future of your business.

We will be discussing innovations across all these transformational technologies to help organisations of all sizes discover new ways to:

Check out the event registration here:

And the Livestream registration here:



Insight into IBM: What is Messaging? Part Two with Leif and me

Here Leif Davidsen and myself talk through the importance of messaging from the point of view of the developer, the architect and the system administrator, and what aspects of messaging are important for each.



We then take questions live from Twitter, which include topics as messaging paradigms, developer communities, types of available tooling to name a few.

A great chat around Messaging

NCSU Pathfinder Google Hangout with IBM Hursley Cloud experts

Folks – we have a fantastic live event coming up with the IBM NCSU Pathfinder program on the 25th March at 6:00pm UK time 2:00pm EST

A number of IBM Hursley Cloud guru’s will be hosting a live discussion around the impact of innovative cloud technologies with up and coming technologists that are part of the IBM NCSU Pathfinder program. The IBM NCSU Pathfinder program exists to mentor and guide technologists, by providing access to technology experts from all over IBM.

Join in here ->

Check out the cloud technologists that will be hosting the event below…

ScreenHunter_56 Mar. 11 14.07

Insight into IBM: Meet Dave Braines the ETS specialist working on Controlled English

 A great chat with Dave Braines from ETS with John McNamara and David Radley.

Here Dave talks about the work he has been involved with in the space of ITA Controlled English, a way to use structured speech to communicate with machines. David talks about the background and motivation for the work as well as the possible applications and finally, where to get your hands on the goodies to play with for yourself.


A chat with our awesome IBM developers on the new IBM MQ Console running on the IBM MQ Appliance

Hey folks – check out our Matt Chapman and Mark Walters, two of our IBM Messaging developer gurus, giving an introduction to the new IBM MQ Console running on the new IBM MQ Appliance.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with these guys for years, particularly Mr Walters and these are two of the brightest and most fun guys to work with in the industry. A joy to be able to chat to them about the goodies they create.

For more information check out the blog –

And check out our latest MQ Light offerings here –

What is Messaging?

I get a chance to chat with Leif Davidsen, a senior product manager for IBM Messaging, to explore the question of ‘What is Messaging?’


More info on MQ Light here –

Still sound like Darth Vader, but…

Adventures in BJJ

Really happy with the progress. The lads at Ultimate BJJ are brilliant, and are able to push me to improve my fitness and coach me to improve my ability. Genius. And so, another great saturday session and feeling more and more like i’m beginning to be able to hold my own. I’m beginning to understand what the danger signs are when rolling, and how to stay out of trouble. I’m managing to get to the end of sessions without being  reversed and tapped.


A lot of this is down to the fact that I’m heavier and perhaps even stronger than a lot of the guys there, and so I know there are certain positions where its harder to shift me, such as side control or scarf hold. Thing is, if I rely on this then my progress is going to slow. I may personally feel good about doing better…

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