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September 2014

Chat to the #ibm developers of #mqlight #bluemix on October 10th 4pm UK time

Hey folks – check this out. On October 10th at 4pm UK time, the IBM Hursley developers who put together MQLight local and MQLight as a service on Bluemix will be on a live hangout.

So, why not pop in and say ‘hello’ – ask some questions and get the latest on how MQLight helps developers

Here is the link to the live event –

See you there!


A top walkthrough of MQLight and Bluemix

Hey folks,

Take a peek at an epic hands on walkthrough of MQlight and Bluemix on this Google Hangout. See the sample be deployed live…

A Hursley chat with David Oliver and Steve Upton on an introduction to MQLight

No animation this time. Keeping it real are David Oliver, Steve Upton and myself as we chat through an introduction to MQLight and Steve provides some awesomely useful collateral for developers who want to get into messaging

Grab MQ Light here –

An animated introduction to IBM MQ for Developers

Hey folks,

It’s a new look for me. Not sure about it, may go back to the old avatar. But, anyway – here we walk through an introduction to IBM MQ. Stars of the show are Joshua Carr, Matt White and myself


Animated John in a conversation about the IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack

Wanted to get this one out there, as it is a top introduction to the technology, but also its great to see Dominic reprise his role as a James Bond villain.

Stars of the show, Sue, Dominic, Allan and myself!

The IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack – an animated introduction

Hey there,

In this one Sue takes the reigns and walks us through an introduction to the new IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack. Stars of the show are Sue Graham, Allan Hurworth, Mark Allman and myself.

Let us know what you think!

What’s new in IBM Integration Bus? Check out our animated selves…

Hey folks,

Some more groovy animation. This time we are talking about what’s new in IBM Integration Bus. Stars of the show are Stef Pugsley and Francesca Menezes!

Want to understand what API management is all about?

Here’s something new.

I got together with a couple of colleagues to chat about API management. We thought, why not cast the conversation? So we put together a small animation (who doesn’t want to be a cartoon character?)

Let me know what you think to the format, and the content.

By the way, i’m the one that looks a little he needs some sleep.

Collaboration in the cloud with SoftLayer and gamers!

Did you know that IBM SoftLayer, is the platform used to allow Minecraft players, to collaborate and build whatever they choose. From cabins to castles to complex inventions, IBM SoftLayer supports an environment where people can come together to play and build, limited quite literally by their own imaginations.

Check it out…

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