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July 2014

SoftLayer takes its cue from 1980’s Arcade Games

Found this online – its the Server challenge. What I really like about it, aside from the challenge itself, is the stylings on the metal. All hugely inspired by the glorious 1980’s Space Invaders. Some epic branding..

Check it out.


Inspiring display of precision teamwork to overcome a problem – made possible by IBM SoftLayer


Ok – have a peek at this.

It’s a wonderful example of how the IBM SoftLayer platform supports precise and accurate teamwork. A two man team, split up to overcome a problem in one of the best displays of precision teamwork i’ve seen.

Only in Battlefield – made possible by IBM SoftLayer

All becomes clear at the end…



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IBM SoftLayer fosters unlimited collaboration and imagination in Minecraft


Did you know that IBM SoftLayer, is the platform used to allow Minecraft players, to collaborate and build whatever they choose. From cabins to castles to complex inventions, IBM SoftLayer supports an environment where people can come together to play and build, limited quite literally by their own imaginations.

Check it out…

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SoftLayer supports teamwork and collaboration – you just need a team


A classic moment from Battlefield 4. Sometimes you need an awesome team to go with your awesome platform


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Hello World on Bluemix With Python

Bluemix Stirred

Getting Started

Get an account

Access bluemix Web site here:
Click on the “Sign Up” for Bluemix button.
Read quick start

Installing the cf tool

Before you begin, install the command line tool that is used to upload and manage your application. BlueMix uses a tool called cf command line interface.
Download cf command line interface from
The cf command is a program that you need to install. Select the appropriate installer for your operating system. After the cf command tool is installed, you can use cf -v command to verify its version as follows:

$cf -vcf version 6.0.0-90db382

Login using the cf tool

Login. Be sure to use the right endpoint. To see the end point type:

$cf –t
API endpoint: (API version: 2.2.0)Not logged in. Use 'cf login' to log in.
$cf login

I had to reset mine to the beta site.


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Something close to my heart – surviving a Robopocalypse with BlueMix

you heard it here first!

If you are concerned about a robot apocalypse, and lets face it, who isnt? Don’t be.  IBM BlueMix, can help you build a tracking application to protect the human race from the robot apocalypse.




IBM Internet of Things and BlueMix – lets do this.

A demonstration of Bluemix and the IBM Internet of Things Cloud. In this video the awesome Ryan Baxter shows you how to utilise a Sensor Tag, in this case a Beaglebone Black in applications running on Bluemix.

Really really awesome!


Extinguish the fires that cause suffering for developers with BlueMix


Check out this fantastic virtual meetup on BlueMix hosted by Ryan Baxter. Ryan walks us through how BlueMix helps the developer experience Nirvana by removing the need for the developer to have to worry about platforms and performance.

Check it out!


An epic BlueMix sample to try via the awesome Ryan Baxter

Ryan Baxter an evangelist for BlueMix has made available a top GitHub repository –

In it Ryan has a rather snazzy chat application that you can play with. The idea being to teach the principles of designing applications for scaling in BlueMix.

Along with the content of the repository Ryan has also created this top video to accompany the app.





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