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December 2014

Dec 10: Snerboard-in

An awesome post from the epic Kelway  10: Snerboard-in.


Session three

Adventures in BJJ

Felt much better going in this time. A little fitter perhaps, although my flexibility is desperate. That (i hope) will come with time.

Great session. After the warm up we focused on escaping from half guard and transitioning into taking the back and finishing with a choke.

Was shown the delights of the bow and arrow choke, which although I did manage successfully, cant quite remember how it works. Perhaps a quick YouTube reference is required.

Also learned the proper  technique for RNC which makes a massive difference. So, now the clip in Choke of Rickson Gracie choking that guy unconcious in about 5 seconds flat makes pefect sense.

Felt ever so slightly stronger and fitter in rolling at the end of class, which is really encouraging.  Although i’m still a sucker for the elbow in thigh guard escape. Apparently, i’ll become resistant to the pain in time. Something to…

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Reddit and Messaging

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Folks, just been getting into Reddit and it’s been tremendous fun. There is a huge range of interest from the bizarre to the professional. I’ve done a few casualiama’s and they have all had engaging responses despite the topic (me) being fairly unremarkable.

For the more technically inclined i have created a MessagingDev subreddit. Check it out at your leisure!

It’s BJJ accessory hour

More BJJ thoughts

Adventures in BJJ

Day after tomorrow I’ll be back on the mat and taking a kicking. In way of preparation i have invested in some accessories!

I got hold of a pretty awesome gi Valor Bravura 2.0 BJJ GI Blue – dropped sixty on it (bit pricey if you are used to spending twenty on a judo gi – but very reasonable for a BJJ gi)

Yesterday my gum shield turned up Opro Shield Platinum Mouth Guard Generation 2- Blue / Red. I saw some of the lads with gum shields and I wondered about it, as striking isn’t really something thats done in BJJ. It wasn’t until I elbowed my rolling partner in the mouth (inadvertently I hasten to add) that I saw the need. Again, showing my age, but back in the day I remember the white rubbery things you dumped in boiling water – then bit down on to…

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Did you catch the Live Google Hangout from Hursley on MQ Light?

A few weeks ago we did a Live Broadcast from my pad in Hursley on MQ Light with the developers who built the product.

We had some great interaction from Twitter as we talked about how developers can approach creating apps with cloud technology.

If you didn’t catch it the first time – catch it here 

Google Hangout with MQ Light messaging developers

Hey folks – check out our messaging news. On October 10th at 4pm UK time, the IBM Hursley developers who put together MQ Light local and MQ Light as a service on Bluemix will be hosting a live  Google Hangout.

So, why not pop in and say ‘hello’ – ask some questions and get the latest on how MQ Light helps you to create awesome app’s?

Here is the link to the live event –

This is a great way to meet the developers, talk to them, ask questions and try out MQ Light for free.

Check it out…

Another great session on the mats

Adventures in BJJ

Great news. Completed my second session at UltimateBJJ and I left feeling like I could walk down the stairs unaided. This I think means that my body may be adjusting in a positive way to ‘rolling’.

Again, everyone is super nice and will only roll as hard as you want to roll, which is just brilliant. Couldn’t have wished for a better pace to train. Awesome.

One of the things I found frustrating about my ability in the last session, was that by the time we got to sparring  – I was kind of dead on my feet. But today, I felt much better and I am beginning to learn that the best way to approach BJJ is not to power through it to overcome your deficiencies, but to try to relax as much as possible. I tried to focus on relaxing this session and it meant I could cope…

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