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August 2014

Hilarious and awesome SoftLayer ‘Cribs’ style

This is well worth a watch – rarely has the cloud had such taste!




The very latest in the world of BlueMix

If you want the latest updates on BlueMix – check this out

Fantastic Google Hangout on BlueMix by Ben and Nic

This is an awesome introduction into IBM Cloud technology. Here Ben Mann and Nick Downs break down the benefits of BlueMix



IBM BlueMix and SoftLayer Cloud Technology Roundup

Over the past few weeks, ive posted around the technologies associated with cloud. Now, a colleague Hans Boef and I have put together a video outlining some of the best collateral out there… enjoy

Taking application development to the next level in Kenya

Top blog by the legendary Ben Mann on the awesomeness of BlueMix and IBM Internet of Things


This month I had the opportunity and great privilege of spending time with developers in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Dubbed the Silicon Savannah, Nairobi has earned its role as a hub of innovation for the East African development community. The entrepreneurial spirit of the developers was energizing and infectious.

What struck me most about the developer community in Kenya is the strong social conscience they share. The emphasis among entrepreneurs here is on contributing to address some of the many challenges in the region. Financial success is seen as a by-product of making Africa a better place.

My role in Kenya was to help organize and deliver a range of activities to help transfer skills and experience to the local developer community. In partnership with a local Nairobi university – Strathmore University – we developed a special one-off training program. Our joint goal was to explore ways to take application…

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Epic gamer creativity made possible by SoftLayer

Check out this preview of a gamer series called Battloggers. The series is created on the multiplayer environment of Battlefield4 – which is supported by SoftLayer.

Awesome fun and a great demonstration of the democratisation of innovation


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