Part of my job, involves looking at how people use information to solve problems with our  Messaging solutions.   One of the things that pops out at you, is that folk like a variety of media. People move effortlessly from the ultra modern mobile consumption of information, to the old school printing out of instructions, making their marks, scribbles, notes in the columns. 

Fair enough.

The problem, is that in this new age of multi media information, once our digital content is printed out, we lose a lot of its value. Gone are the links to other related pieces of information, and gone is all our lovely video.

Or is it…?

What if we could use the mixture of ultra modern to enable the old school to deliver digital content. Could we say, embed video into printed out instructions?

In the words of Bob the Builder’s crew, ‘Yes we can!’

I’ve been playing with the most suggestively named augmented reality app on the market, Aurasma. And rather than try to explain what it does, it will be simpler if I just showed you.

So, first grab the app (its available for either iOS or for Android) with your mobile device’s QR code reader.



Now, subscribe to my channel (means you get access to my goodies) with your QR code reader.



and now you have subscribed, view the black and white pic below through the Aurasma app (I cant help sniggering when I hear that).



Isn’t that cool?

Aurasma works by linking a trigger image, (in this case the black and white image above) with a video that is then played over the top of the trigger image.

This means now, that any humble diagram that is printed out, can be backed up with a video which demonstrates how to accomplish the contents of the diagram. And not only within the context of digital media, but also from printed copy (black and white printed copy at that).

It’s without a doubt, the coolest thing I’ve seen for ages.

So can anyone dream up some other epic uses for it?