Prep for BJJ

Adventures in BJJ

Back to class tomorrow after the Christmas and NY break. Looking forward to it – just need to find my gi 🙂

In terms of prep’ I began exploring some staples that I could call upon, in terms of submissions, from side control,  mount, guard, in guard and half guard.

Think i’ve got some to try…

From side control, there is a nice little side Ezekiel choke, which is non obvious due to the fact that the setup looks like a pretty normal organic movement. Plus you grab your own gi sleeve (which you have more control of) so it should allow for an easier and sneakier application.

Here’s an example…

I’m going to try the Ezekiel choke again for mount and being in guard. I totally get that ideally you should look to pass the guard before applying submissions – but I’m going to try this as a method…

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