Hey folks,

This is the recording of a live discussion on “Bringing your ideas to life in the digital economy”

Bringing your life-changing ideas to fruition needs a different mindset (and toolset) in the digital economy. The need for speed with digital innovation is more important than ever, with every start-up trying to push the envelope with their new ideas. In the digital economy, once you get an idea, you cannot afford to sit around and build it for years, not even months, like legacy enterprise software. Once you come up with that killer idea, you need to move with lightning speed to the realization and execution phase. Especially in the digital world, if you don’t bring your idea to life as soon as possible, someone else is close behind you with a similar concept. You take your idea and combine it with a bunch of micro-services that are already available and mature, building only a small portion as necessary to perfect your idea to get it out faster. Because you are building only small portion to bring your idea to life, you don’t have to build something quick and dirty, or you don’t need to be bogged down by your existing IT constraints. When you try to constantly adjust your idea to fit within the constraints of the current IT, it kills your innovation, instead of liberating your IT. 

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