Adventures in BJJ

Felt much better going in this time. A little fitter perhaps, although my flexibility is desperate. That (i hope) will come with time.

Great session. After the warm up we focused on escaping from half guard and transitioning into taking the back and finishing with a choke.

Was shown the delights of the bow and arrow choke, which although I did manage successfully, cant quite remember how it works. Perhaps a quick YouTube reference is required.

Also learned the proper  technique for RNC which makes a massive difference. So, now the clip in Choke of Rickson Gracie choking that guy unconcious in about 5 seconds flat makes pefect sense.

Felt ever so slightly stronger and fitter in rolling at the end of class, which is really encouraging.  Although i’m still a sucker for the elbow in thigh guard escape. Apparently, i’ll become resistant to the pain in time. Something to…

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