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Adventures in BJJ

Day after tomorrow I’ll be back on the mat and taking a kicking. In way of preparation i have invested in some accessories!

I got hold of a pretty awesome gi Valor Bravura 2.0 BJJ GI Blue – dropped sixty on it (bit pricey if you are used to spending twenty on a judo gi – but very reasonable for a BJJ gi)

Yesterday my gum shield turned up Opro Shield Platinum Mouth Guard Generation 2- Blue / Red. I saw some of the lads with gum shields and I wondered about it, as striking isn’t really something thats done in BJJ. It wasn’t until I elbowed my rolling partner in the mouth (inadvertently I hasten to add) that I saw the need. Again, showing my age, but back in the day I remember the white rubbery things you dumped in boiling water – then bit down on to…

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