Adventures in BJJ

Hello again grappling, it’s been a while.

Discovered an ideal local BJJ club called UltimateBJJ. Great instructor and great class. Really looked after me. Quite a find.

So, what did I learn today?

1. Conserve strength and energy.

Made the mistake of trying to brute force my way through the first 3 mins in the initial drills/rolls. Not a good idea. Just means you have no energy or strength for the next 57 minutes, which is not ideal.

2. I really hate knee on belly.

I feel like i’m being stapled to the floor. Also not being able to breathe, when you are already out of breath, limits your options significantly. Also pain hurts.

3. Side mount is much more fun when you are the instigator.

It’s great when you get side mount, coz you also get a little breather. Being in side mount when you are tired and a…

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